Deep Cleaning, Making A Difference

Everyone wishes to have spectacular living rooms or offices, immaculate kitchens, flawless floors and glittering bathrooms. That type of clean space can be achieved with deep cleaning.

While regular cleaning is for cleanliness upkeep, deep cleaning is much more extensive. Deep cleans involve a complete rubdown and attention to the often neglected and hard-to-reach spots. Deep cleaning is hard work without a shadow of a doubt. It involves lots of scrubbing, heavy lifting, and climbing up on ladders and chairs to reach the ceiling.

A deep cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses and keeps tabs on clutter and dust. There are probably surfaces you don’t even think about cleaning. Those tough-to-reach areas can be forgotten and have more dust and dirt built up over time. If you decide to do it on your own, it will take you at least a weekend to complete a thorough deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is highly priced compared to regular cleaning because it takes the cleaning to the extra mile.

Included Services

  • 100% Guarantee Cleaning
  • 24/7 Alltime Supporting
  • Fully Carefull & Safety Guard
  • Expert Team Members
  • No Hidden Charges

Benifits of services

  • Get Rid Of Bacteria And Viruses
  • Increase Quality Of Air
  • Quality Standards
  • Saves Your Time And Cut Cost
  • Improve Your Mood And Productivity

At weschoon, we have much more experience with deep cleaning and special products to get the job done. Our specialists use industry-standard cleaning methods to deliver a deep clean that shines. We clean and hand-wipe anything inside your home or office that can be reached with a stool. Our deep cleaning includes removing stains and dirt from dishwasher, oven, microwave, toasters, cabinets and stove with a non-harmful cleaning agent. It also includes eliminating limescale stains from all surfaces, defrosting freezers and cleaning radiators. Deeply cleaning textiles such as carpets, furniture, and curtains will remove crumbs, bugs, mould, and pet hair.

It is advisable to deep clean your home or office every six months in addition to regular cleaning. When you deep clean, you make your whole space free from germs, dirt and bacteria. It also helps to keep your appliances in good condition, so you will spend less money repairing or replacing them. 

At weschoon, cleaning is what we know best; it’s who we are! We always deliver the highest standards of deep cleaning every time. We deliver the kind of home or office you want to show your guests/ clients! Our cleaning system sets us apart because we also put cross-contamination procedures measures in place during the deep cleaning.

Our spectacularly thorough deep cleaning leaves no corner or space untouched. We offer a;

  • First-time deep cleaning
  • One-time deep cleaning
  • Special request for deep cleaning

Protect yourself, your family and your employees! Make your space spotless and sanitized.

Deep Cleaning For Offices

Keeping your workplace clean has never been so crucial because a clean, pristine office emphasizes professionalism and creates a healthy work atmosphere. Our cleaning experts will work around your business hours to keep your space clean without hindering your business activities. A clean workspace will help motivate employees and help them feel happier about coming to work.

Deep Cleaning For Homes

Living in a clean, fresh environment makes for a more pleasant mood and can keep you and your family healthier as well as happier. We will work alongside you and devise a cleaning schedule that suits your home. A clean space will save time and increase productivity because you can relax and do something that brings you joy and happiness during your free time.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.
  • Clean and disinfect:
    • Inside of the oven, stove grates, and hood fan.
    • Inside of the refrigerator.
    • Inside of the dishwasher.
    • Walls behind large appliances.
    • Ceiling fans.
  • Clean grout and soap scum from shower tiles.
  • Clean under and behind appliances.
  • Deep clean carpets.
  • Deep clean of floors, ceiling, walls
  • Clean under furniture.
  • Wash windows (inside only).
  • Clean windows and frame inside out.
  • Wash ceiling fan blades.
  • Wipe down ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Damp wipe baseboards and window sills.
  • Dust individual decorations and lampshades.
  • Damp wipe door panels and frames.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Polish metal hardware.
  • Sanitize trash cans and other surfaces.
  • Remove heavy grease kitchen extractor.
  • Wash and dry all doors.
  • Empty, wash and re-line wastebaskets.
  • Vacuum or wood wash stairs.
  • Change bedsheets and make all beds.

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