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Don't let cleaning steal your time to do productive things; take back your valuable free time and enjoy a clean home or office. Our cleaning system sets us apart; no wonder our customers keep coming back to us because we provide services that work and keep their homes and offices clean, right down to the little details.


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We take pride in delivering exceptionally high standards in all our cleaning services at affordable prices. We take our time to understand all our customers' needs and provide spotless clean right into the corners.

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We love working with our clients and appreciate their trust in us to deliver a sparkling clean, and tidy space. We take pride in our professionalism, reliability and attention to detail.

Weschoon FAQ

How much do you charge for your cleaning?

We do not show a pricing table on our website. It is because there is always variation in cleaning based on total area in sqm, pieces of furniture/ number of amenities, distance from our location, level of messiness, type and frequency of cleaning, special requests for cleaning etc. Whatever your case might be, be assured that we provide high cleaning standards at a very affordable rate compared to our competitors. Use our online estimate system to book our service, get comprehensive/ transparent quote sent to your email instantly.

How quickly can your team come over for cleaning?

We are available to work at a moment's notice. We always try to come ASAP to clean for you. However, sometimes we are fully booked; therefore, we advise a notification period of at least 48 hours so that you can be scheduled in advance.

Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?

It depends on your wish. If you already have some basic cleaning materials, such as vacuum cleaner and broom, we can always use them. And if you have a specific product to be used for your cleaning, we will also do as you wish. However, it is not compulsory that you provide cleaning materials. We have a wide range of cleaning products and professional equipment focused on green cleaning.

How can I pay?

You make payment online via Stripe or Paypal. We also allow partial payment of 50% of the total quote amount to be transferred to our bank account, as down payment at least 72 hours before the scheduled cleaning date so that we can confirm your booking. After completion of the cleaning service, you will pay the remaining balance (50%) within 24 hours of service completion. Our team will come with a POS to make the balance payment easy and quick for you. Please note, we do not collect cash.

How can I book your service?

Use our online booking to calculate your cleaning cost and get an instant comprehensive and transparent quote based on your cleaning needs. If satisfied with our quote, you will have to make payment before the cleaning date and then we will get in touch with you for confirmation of booking. After booking, our cleaning expert will come over to your location for professional cleaning. We always attach each cleaning project to a project manager that does cleaning quality control and assurance to ensure that your space is left spotlessly cleaned and you are satisfied with the outcome.

Do you charge extra for coming over?

If we have ongoing contracts with you, regardless of where you live in the Netherlands, we do not charge extra for coming over to do the cleaning. Also, we do not charge extra if you are based within Amsterdam. However, for our customers based outside of Amsterdam for one-time cleans, we will charge extra for driving costs at 0.75 euros per Km from Amsterdam.

Is my money refundable?

Yes, we will give you a 100% refund, if you cancel or modify your cleaning service at least 5 days before the scheduled cleaning date. Otherwise,  you will get 60% refund. The remaining 40% will serve as our cancellation or modification fee.

How much is your service per hour?

At weschoon , we do not charge based on hourly rate because we consider every cleaning job we get as a project rather than a task. We charge based on how much it would be needed to complete the project (not task) and ensure full satisfaction of our customers. We will not leave, until you, our customer is satisfied.

What service will your cleaning experts offer?

Our cleaning experts always have a cleaning checklist with them to guide them and will do everything specified on your quote. If you want them to clean what you haven't specified on your quote, you will have to pay for that extra service.

How do I pay for the extra service that I didn't include in my quote.

We bring our POS to the location for easy payment of the extra service you excluded in your quote. For private (individual) customers, we also accept direct bank transfers, and ideal (we don't accept cash).  For companies, we accept a 14-day payment term and 30 days for recurring contract work.

Pay Only For The Service You Need!

Our unique quote calculator system allows you to pick the cleaning service you need and you can easily adjust the cleaning service to your budget. Arrange your home or office cleaning easily, quickly and securely online. and get cleaning experts at your door steps. Make messes a thing of the past; let’s help you keep your home or office spotlessly clean.