Kitchen Appliance Deep Cleaning Bundle

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Revel in the joy of a kitchen that sparkles with cleanliness and efficiency. Our team are professionals trained in the art of appliance deep cleaning, ensuring exceptional results. Indulge in the luxury of a pristine kitchen with our kitchen appliance deep cleaning service in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Haarlem. This include 5 kitchen appliances (oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, extractor hood/gas hob) and company cleaning supplies.

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Key Features of the Bundle:
1. Oven Revitalization: Our service transforms ovens, addressing baked-on grime, grease, and ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless.
2. Microwave Restoration: Experience the rejuvenation of your microwave with meticulous cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces, leaving it sparkling clean.
3. Refrigerator Renewal: Enjoy a refreshed refrigerator with cleaned shelves, sanitized drawers, and a sparkling clean interior and exterior.
4. Dishwasher Brilliance: Our service ensures optimal dishwasher performance with a thorough interior cleanse, filter maintenance, and exterior polishing.
5. Extractor Hood and Gas Hob Refresh: Breathe new life into your kitchen with extractor hood/gas hob service that includes filter cleaning, interior wipe-down, and exterior polishing.

The one-time deep cleaning of the kitchen appliances includes:

1. Oven (single oven):
a. Clean oven racks and trays (max. 2 racks).
b. Scrub the interior walls, base, and ceiling to remove baked-on grime.
c. Clean the oven door, both inside and outside.
d. Wipe down control knobs and buttons.
e. Clean the exterior surfaces, including oven window, handles and control panel.
f. Polish stainless steel surfaces.

2. Microwave:
a. Remove and clean the turntable (if applicable).
b. Wipe down the interior walls, ceiling, and floor.
c. Clean the microwave door inside and out.
d. Clean the exterior surfaces, including control buttons and handles.
e. Polish stainless steel surfaces.

3. Refrigerator (single):
a. Clean refrigerator shelves and drawers.
b. Wipe down interior walls and surfaces.
c. Clean and sanitize door gaskets.
d. Clean and disinfect the vegetable and fruit drawers.
e. Clean the exterior surfaces, handles, and control panels.
f. Remove and clean any kick plates or grilles (if applicable).
g. Clean and polish stainless steel surfaces.
h. Vacuum or brush the condenser coils (if accessible).

4. Dishwasher:
a. Clean and remove the dishwasher filter (if applicable).
b. Run a dishwasher cleaner through a full cycle.
c. Wipe down interior walls and door gasket.
d. Clean the exterior surfaces, including the control panel.
e. Polish stainless steel surfaces.

5. Extractor Hood and Gas Hob:
a. Remove and clean the extractor hood filters.
b. Wipe down the interior of the hood.
c. Disassemble and clean removable parts of the gas hob.
d. Wipe down the base of the extractor hood
e. Clean the exterior surfaces, including buttons and controls.
f. Remove vents and any grease buildup.
g. Polish stainless steel surfaces.

How It Works:
1. Buy Your Plan: Choose the Kitchen Appliance Deep Cleaning Service.
2. Schedule Your Cleaning: Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your cleaning appointments at your convenience.
3. Sit Back and Relax: Let our dedicated team take care of the cleaning while you focus on more important things in life.

Why Choose Us:
1. Experience: With years of experience in the cleaning industry, we understand the unique needs of our clients and strive for excellence in every service.
2. Green cleaning: Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier spaces while minimizing the ecological impact.
3. Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We aim to exceed your expectations with our clean.
4. Affordable Pricing: Access premium cleaning services without breaking the bank. Our plans offer excellent value for sparkling, clean kitchen appliances.
5. Quality Assurance: Rest assured that our service goes beyond aesthetics; it also contributes to the longevity and optimal performance of your appliances.

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  1. Tamila Brown

    I am happy with the result. It worth every penny.

  2. Amelia Morrison

    My kitchen has never been this clean. I couldn’t believe the transformation, especially with my oven.

  3. Klaudia Roselius

    It’s a very good deal. I am satisfied with the outcome.

  4. Frank Kirkan

    Awesome. Very professional team, easy booking and great result.

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