Upholstery Cleaning


Weschoon’s expert upholstery cleaning services are meticulously crafted to breathe new life into your sofa and mattress, elevating them to their pristine best.


Weschoon’s expert upholsery cleaning services; sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning, designed to revitalize your sofa and mattress, and ensure a healthier living environment for you, and your loved ones. Your upholstery are essential components of your home or office, but over time, they can accumulate dirt, stains, and allergens that affect both their appearance and your well-being. With Weschoon’s professional upholstery cleaning solutions, you can restore these key pieces of furniture to their former glory and enjoy a cleaner, fresher home.

Our skilled team of upholstery cleaners utilizes advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning products to effectively remove dirt, dust, stains, and odours from your sofa and mattress. Whether it’s food spills, pet dander, or everyday wear and tear, we have the expertise to tackle even the toughest stains and odours, leaving your furniture looking and smelling like new.

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, which is why we prioritize the use of non-toxic and pet-friendly upholstery cleaning solutions. Our thorough upholstery cleaning process not only eliminates surface dirt but also helps improve indoor air quality, ensuring a healthier living space for you and your family.

At Weschoon, we go beyond surface cleaning to deliver deep and long-lasting results. Our sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you’re dealing with stubborn stains or just in need of a routine refresh.

Don’t let dirt and allergens linger in your home any longer. Trust Weschoon to provide professional upholstery cleaning; sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning services that leave your furniture looking and feeling its best. Get a customized quote to schedule your cleaning appointment and experience the difference for yourself.