Balcony Cleaning Services


Trust Weschoon to deliver top-quality balcony cleaning services that will revitalize your balcony and elevate your living experience. Let’s make your balcony a clean place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air.



Experience the ultimate balcony transformation with Weschoon’s professional deep balcony cleaning services in the Netherlands. Elevate your outdoor oasis with our specialized balcony cleaning solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Transform Your Balcony into a Haven:

Your balcony is more than just an outdoor space—it’s an extension of your living area, a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air. As the leading balcony cleaning company in the Netherlands, Weschoon understand the significance of your balcony and the importance of keeping it clean and inviting. Our dedicated professional team of balcony cleaners is committed to restoring your balcony to its pristine condition, from the balcony floor to the balcony furnitures; including balcony chairs, balcony tables, decorative pots and everything in between.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services:

From scrubbing the balcony floors to wiping down surfaces and balcony furnitures, our experienced balcony cleaners handle every aspect of the cleaning process with meticulous care and attention to detail. We specialize in cleaning and restoring variety of balcony furnitures, balcony floors surfaces, including decking, concrete, steel, and more. No matter the condition of your balcony floor—whether it’s covered in dirt, moss, green stains, or pigeon droppings—our expert cleaners have the skills and expertise to rejuvenate it and make it look like new again.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions:

At Weschoon, our balcony cleaning company prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. That’s why we use eco-friendly balcony floor cleaner that is safe for you, your family, and your pets. Our cleaning products are gentle yet effective, ensuring a thorough clean without compromising on safety or quality.

Tailored Cleaning Packages:

Choose from our range of affordable balcony cleaning packages, designed to suit your unique needs and budget. Whether you require a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, we have a solution for you. Our expert balcony cleaners will tackle every nook and cranny, effectively removing dirt, grime, and debris from balcony floors and balcony furniture, including chairs and tables.

Spider-Proofing for Added Peace of Mind:

As the warmer months approach, so does the presence of unwanted pests like mosquitoes, midges, and spiders. Our balcony cleaning services include spider-proofing techniques that are safe and effective, giving you peace of mind knowing that your outdoor space is protected from these pesky intruders.

Invest in Your Quality of Life:

Investing in a balcony cleaning service is investing in your quality of life. A clean and inviting balcony not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also creates a healthier and more enjoyable environment for you and your loved ones to relax and unwind. Invest in your quality of life today! Trust our balcony cleaning company, Weschoon to deliver top-quality balcony cleaning services that will revitalize your balcony and elevate your living experience.

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